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To start using our Art Portal is simple and fast. Because we understand that our clients are not all the same and they all have different needs and work flow, there are two different ways to create a user account and to use our Art Portal service:

Personal Account

The Personal Account is for those companies that don’t have a constant workflow. With this type of user, the companies are able to manage the quantities of orders that they create per day/week/month.

If you are a new visitor, all you have to do to register is to complete the form that appears in our Art Portal in the second step when you are creating your first order. After you complete it, you will be informed about it with a “New user Email”.


With this type of user you can pay all your orders through our Credit Card Payment Service. All you have to do is to create the order, pay it and receive it in the agreed time.

Remember that the creation of any Art Portal user doesn’t have any extra charge, so feel free to create your account and play around our site as much as you want with no extra cost.



Business Account

The Business Account is for those companies that already have a constant workflow and also have a production team. For this type of users, Pixel’s Hive has an special user admin. Each company can have unlimited users as needed. In turn, each user receives different notifications at their emails about work status, designer questions, closed orders, etc.

Also, for this type of users, there is no upfront payment, the company pays a monthly billing, giving the possibility to focus just in the daily production and to leave the financial stuff for later.

The Business Account gives also the posssibility, for customers with their own portal, to offer integration through our API, making communication in real time and improving the delivery of orders.

To order a Business Account you can contact us at, you’ll receive the friendly support, attention and advice from our team to get your account set correctly!



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