Design Process

Our design process has many different steps to asure you the quality of your artworks. You are able to see the whole design process from start to finish in the “Artwoks” tab. There you are able to switch the status tab or filter all the artworks to find the file you want to know about. Also there you can find all the Artworks ordered on the past.


This is the first status that will appear after you create an order. All you have to do is to fill the different type of works forms and complete the checkout process and that’s it. So, after you pay your order, the art will appear in our end as a new order. Remember, the design process will start only if the artwork is already paid. If not it will appear as pending and the designer will be not able to see it or start it. But if you pay the order, the designer will be ready to start with the production, a confirmation/thanks page will inform you that the artwork is already send to the design team, and also you will receive a confirmation email.


After we receive the order, the Art Director (AD) is the person responsible for reviewing the request.  If the AD sees any issue, will contact you making inquiries or requesting better material in case it is needed. Then he/she will assign the Producer that will create the art and the Team Leader, who is going to do QA.


When you see that your order is in the “Production” status is because the Producer has already downloaded the file and begins the production of the art. The designer is also able to contact the client to take doubts out.


This status is the one that we call QA Step. The Team Leader downloads the Producer artwork and controls the work done. He is able to see all the client order details to check if the producer understood the art specifications. Read More


In case of any mistakes, the Team Leader has the possibility of return the art to the Producer indicating the corrections that are needed. The producer makes the changes and resubmits the file to be corrected again. This can be done as much times as is needed until the art is ready to be seeing by the client.


After checking that the art is correct, the Team Leader validates the quality of the finished design and uploads the final product to be seeing by the client. Every final artwork is able to be find in the “Finished Files” tab in the Order View.


After every job, if you are not satisfied with the quality of your order or maybe you realize that you wanted something else (like a different color than the one you requested when you created the order), simply let us know what specific changes are needed to be made and we will fix it within 24 hours at no additional cost. After you ask for this changes, the artwork will return to the production step, and also, the team leader is going to control de quality of those changes. The redo files are uploaded in the “Redo Files” tab.

After the artwork is delivered, you will receive an “artwork delivered email”, notifying that the artwork is finished. You will be able to download it from our Art Portal entering to the artwork and looking for it at the finished files tab.




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