Pixel’s Hive is a free platform that lets you create and order different graphics design services. Pixel’s Hive is for everyone, from entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their own business to minor end users wanting to create awesome merch or designs. We offer our software as a service (SaaS), giving them the possibility of having a tool to manage the art of their company.

Our Art Portal allows us to ensure quality with extensive controls. It offers our clients a way to manage their art work with the chance of seeing the whole process from start to finish. In addition, you can see reports, statistics, invoices and all kind of notifications.

Also, for customers with their own portal, we offer integration through our API, making communication in real time and improving the delivery of orders.



Free Access: Each client is able to create a user and password that enables him to enter our art portal, being able to see in it the works assigned to us daily and their status. In turn, each user receives at his email different notifications about the change of status of the works, online consultations, closed artworks, etc. Read more

Design Control: At the assigned work list pre-visualization, each client can see the status of the jobs he ordered, its priority, doubts submitted by the designers in charge, the number of files delivered, designs with high complexity, the Art Issues and all the information pertinent to each one of the orders. 

Internal Design Control: Inside each job, the client can see a preview of the design, the order information (type of work, people in charge of the order, priority, etc.), the design process with its states production, control, finished, closed or approved, etc., and also receive an instantaneous shipment of the design, being able to reject it and send corrections and footnotes. 


We have the most competitive prices of the market.
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