Our Art Portal gives you the possibility of seeing reports and statistics to know exactly what is happening with your art production. As we have two different types of accounts, we also have different reports for each one.

Personal Account

The Personal Account shows two different reports:

  • Orders: With this button the client is able to see all the payments. They can download the reports in “Download as PDF” button. These ones are automatically generated every time the client makes an order payment.


  • Artwork Cart: This button is the access to the payment step. You can make an artwork order and pay for it later using this action. The artwork order is saved. For example, if you have a team to create the TOW’s orders and you have another to make the payment step.



Business Account

The Business Account has many different reports and statistics. For type of users, our art portal has an specific tab where all the clients can see:

Art Issues Report: We call Art Issues to all that files that are going to take more time that it used to. Sometimes our clients send us some vectorizations that our team is able to close in 15 minutes and sometimes we receive some files that the production time (because of the bad quality or the huge details) takes 2 hours or more. To let you know about this issue, we mark the artwork as an art issue. Don’t worry, we are going to take a little bit longer to close it, but we are going to solve it anyway. This report will give you and idea of how many files were process as Art Issues to understand more the production turnaround and time.


Invoices: In the invoices tab, each client is able to download all the monthly billings. Those invoices give to the clients information about the quantity of files ordered in the entire month, the services used, unit pricing and final amount.


Real Time: The Real time view gives you the possibility to see how is the status of your art orders. You are able to select a date range or just view the daily production statuses.


Enterprise Account

Affiliate Program: For the Enterprise Account we have the Affiliate Program report. This report gives to all the enterprises accounts the possibility to see the partnership monthly incomes.


You can use our support service or write us at where we can help you with these features and tell you how it works, answer all your questions to learn more about this order management features or any other information.

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