Cutlines & Flooding

What do you need it for?

Cutlines is used to add to your design clean and simple lines improving cutting plotter performance for vinyl printing. These cutlines will follow specific vector shapes. Flooding adds different garment colors to tiny design spaces improving weeding for vinyl printing.

What is a Cutline?

It is a line that is carried out to determine the limits of the Artwork. The plotter makes the cut by that line so it is of utmost importance that it is simple and clean (that is, the anchor points are reduced to the minimum possible), in that way the performance of the plotter will increase.

What is Flooding?

It’s a kind of stuffing. Certain sectors of the Artwork are flooded with the intention of making them simpler and larger.

Why flooding?

It simplifies cutting lines in the design and prevents vinyl damage by facilitating sharpening.

Why not?

The color of the Flood does not always exactly match that of the fabric.

Does this service include Vectorization?

Yes, to create cutlines and flooding we have to convert the raster file into a vector file first. Then, we add the cutlines and flooding if the client needs them.


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