Order online for limited edition prints, original art, illustrations, cliparts and other product designs by illustrators. We have seen so many wonderful and original designs sold through Pixel’s Hive that we’d like to continue to be a platform where individuals and organizations can trust in our efforts in order to ensure their intellectual property so that individual brand identity is safe! To improve your order quality don’t forget to share some important details with us:

  • Explain the style you’re aiming for; feel free to find photos and images of ideas and other designs you like, so that you can give specific advice to the designer. (“I want to use a text style like in this design!”)
  • Suggest colors you want included in the design (ex. white text with light blue accents or provide exact HEX color codes)
  • Explain the color of the product/background the design will be printed or used on (ex. the design text should be bright white and blue – it will be printed on dark garments like black and navy so I really want the design to stand out!)


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