What is a Vectorization?

Image vectorization is the process of converting raster (bitmap) images into high-quality vector images through multiple Illustrator tools such as Interactive Trace, Pen, Brush, Stain Brush, etc.

What is Raster or Bitmap Image?

Raster images are also known as bitmaps consisting of square pixels (dots) that when scaled up they significantly lose their quality; causing images to look either blurry or even sometimes unrecognizable and distorted. The most used raster file formats are JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, RAW, etc. Below you can see a sample of resized jpeg image:

What is achieved with the Vectorization?

The original image – previously pixelated – happens to have an infinite resolution with the ability to be edited as many times as you like.

What is the Vectorization used for?

Vector images are often used in various printing or digital platforms to obtain precise and high quality resolution for the visuals. The common areas of use are large and small format digital printing, sign printing, vinyl cuts, posters printing, billboards printing, t-shirt printing, laser cuts, embroideries, flash animation, etc.

What can you vectorize?

Everything can be vectorized, as long as the original image does not contain any effects. Check out this examples:

What is the difference between Vectorization and Tracing?

Usually the word tracing is also applied to express the process of vectorization, however, tracing means the outlining of the shapes and objects in the image for the purpose of vectorization.

In What File Formats Can I Receive Vector Images?

By default, we provide our customers with .eps, .ai and .svg file formats unless they request specific file formats while placing their order.

What If My Image Has Text or Letters?

Prior to establishing our online vector service we have worked in the field of vectorization and graphic design. This has given us the opportunity to enrich our font database with thousands of unique and modern fonts. We use them and other special techniques to identify the text font in the image. We offer two choices. First, exact tracing of the font as it is in the image. Second, finding the closest looking font used in your artwork. If our customers want the text or the letters to be written in a different font it is necessary to specify in the Instructions section which font they prefer.

Do you use auto-tracing software?

No, all vectorization is done meticulously by hand.

What software do you use?

Vector graphics are created and edited in Adobe Illustrator.



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