Have any artwork that you would like to custom digitize in just or less than 24 hours? Digitizing software costs thousands of dollars and often takes years to master. One complex design can eat up your entire day. We’ll free you up from embroidery digitizing tasks to focus on sales and supporting customers.

In the purest sense, embroidery digitizing is the process of converting any artwork, images, text, any sort of design into an embroidery design; one that the embroidery machine can understand and execute onto a garment. Just like the traditional embroiderers, digital embroideries also need artisans of their own kind called Digitizers or Punchers;  highly skilled individuals who are able to turn any design, be it logo, photo, illustration of any kind into a set of specific commands through various software which are later converted into specific machine-readable format, to be executed, i.e. embroidered by the machine on a specific garment.

Advantages Of Using Embroidery Digitizing

  • Economical: Cheaper to produce, both design and the embroidery.
  • Fast: Faster as embroidery done mechanically.
  • Consistent: Consistent as the process is automated.
  • Accessible: Most complex designs can be easily digitalized using embroidery software.

Why Outsource Embroidery Digitizing Services To Pixel’s Hive?

  1. Buying an Embroidery Software is expensive and highly technical to use so digitizing yourself may not be a favorable option.
  2. Savings, since you do not have to hire a digitizer.
  3. It will enable you to focus on the more important service of your business; the embroidery process.
  4. Highest possible quality as all our staff is technically proficient and exceedingly trained.
  5. Reduced risk as we embroidery digitize with all the information provided and also send samples sewn (photographic representation of the embroidered design) for the customer to approve before finalizing it.

Outline Formats:

An embroidery outline format is a proprietary format used when creating a digitized design. We have the ability to save the designs in the outline format as well as a stitch file format. An outline format will give you considerably more capabilities when editing, sizing or making any other setting changes to a digitized design. Note that outline formats can only be opened with the proprietary software with which they originate from. For example, a PXF file is the Pulse outline format can only be opened with a Pulse (DGML) software.


Trimmers can be found on most modern embroidery machines. The trimmer is a blade which automatically cuts thread between colors, stops, and other parts of the design as it sews. If your machine has trimmers, leave this setting on unless you would prefer the design be set up otherwise.


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